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Master Stylist & Colorist


"Looking for a good listener who will understand You and do what You want?"..."Want someone that keeps up with the latest trends?"..."Want a competent stylist who consistently provides you the same desired finish product?"

These questions are what I ask myself when I look for a stylist to do my own hair. Customer Service and Satisfaction have been a priority for me since 2001, when I started doing hair professionally in Denton. In 2006, one of my sweet and loyal clients set me up on a blind date--this eventually lead to me marrying my wonderful husband, and slowly moving my business to Dallas. Although my husband is my host particular and most demanding client, I can honestly say that I owe meeting the Love of My Life to Hair! My second most demanding client is y 5 year old son, who has helped me perfect kids' hairstyles. Receiving his first haircut at 3 months old, he now makes sure I do his hair "right" every time. These "Men in my Life" have make sure that Suite 4 has amenities for male clientele: Cable TV for sports/new/cartoons, choice of beverage, and a stylist that will "talk or not talk" depending on your preference!

As for the women clientele, I serve many families of multi- generations, who often come to seem me together, so I earnestly try to appeal to all. Little girls will enjoy a "princess" experience, complete with Frozen Music if the so choose. Adults can enjoy a Keurig coffee, of even a glass of wine, as they enjoy a quiet, peaceful environment with music, or a TV show of their choice--all while receiving cut or color services. If you are receiving a color services, clients can search through the Ipad for a new style of Pin hair ideas on a Private Pinterest board shared with me with they process. My more senior clients enjoy the fact that I can still do roller sets, pin curls, and perms. I also love mixing the old with the new...combining skills that have learned over the years from various hair shows that I have attended. I choose to do both cut and color services because I see each client's hair as art work created by me. The color and the cut are not mutually exclusive, but rather combine to produce the entire whole look--which is my valued client. Hair and Customer Service are my passion. I love sharing these with each person that sits in my chair.

Services I provide.

  • Hair Care Services
  • Child's Hair Cut
  • Hair Color
  • Hair Color Correction
  • Hair Cut & Style
  • Hilights/Lowlights
  • Men's Haircut
  • Wash & Set

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